Re: Nautilus for Windows

On Fri, 2011-01-14 at 08:36 -0600, Merrell wrote:
> I'm thinking about porting Nautilus to Windows as a possible
> alternative to Explorer. I know this will be quite a task, but that's
> how much I love Nautilus. I already know about the cygwin port, but it
> is still integrated into Gnome and is a bit awkward to use. I'm still
> a novice coder, doing most of my work in AutoIt, so if anyone would
> like to help, it would be much appreciated.


nautilus' code itself *should* not be extremely hard to port, as most of
the underlying stack (GLib/GIO/GTK+) is already cross-platform (though I
don't know to what degree GTK+ 3.0 works under Windows yet after all the
recent GDK changes that got merged), and we don't use X directly, except
for a few things like the desktop background, which could be removed in
the port.
GVfs backends for transparent network (SSH/SMB/FTP/...) support are an
entirely different story, as they might heavily depend on
platform-specific code.

Patches that might improve the portability of nautilus are welcome
anyway, feel free to jump in #nautilus on if you have more
specific question.


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