Re: Arborescence view in Nautilus 3

Hi Xavier,

Valeryan_24 wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd just like to ask a little question, regarding future Nautilus 3.0 (I 
> did not test development version) and referring some discussions in this 
> list for interface modernization and improvements.
> Will the arborescence view be still available ? This will be places by 
> default, but for me who have a lot of folders and sub-folders, tree view 
> is much more useful than having dozens of bookmarks, and moving from a 
> folder to another with expanded list in left side is very practical. I 
> just ask because I know aim is to make interface as easy and clear as 
> possible, but some advanced features are great.
> Thanks in advance and congratulations for your work. Best regards,
> Xavier

Thanks for your interest in Nautilus. No, there aren't any plans to
remove tree view, as far as I'm aware.

Also, just to clarify: the designs for Nautilus 3.0 were more of a 'this
is roughly what we'd like to do' rather than a 'this is what will be


IRC: aday on

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