Ideas web page question



The current Nautilus Ideas web page says:
> This page is no longer used to keep track of short ideas (see
> archive). Instead, if you have an idea you think would improve
> Nautilus please submit it to Ubuntu Brainstorm (GNOME currently does
> not have a similar site). View all the existing ideas over at
> Nautilus's Ubuntu Brainstorm page.

The Brainstorm moderators need guidance on how to triage some of the
Nautilus ideas that show up in Brainstorm.

We know how to handle obvious bugs and complaints and support requests
and unrealistic expectations. And we have introduced a triage system to
rid Brainstorm of these, so the remaining ideas are more interesting and
useful to developers.

What we lack is a background and context on the more complex questions.
We don't want those to languish.

Question: What do you want us to do with those few remaining real ideas?
Ping somebody on IRC? Forward them to the Nautilus mailing list? Leave
them alone and somebody from Nautilus will work it in Brainstorm? Tell
the requester to open a Wishlist Bug? Send the requester directly to the
mailing list?

Question: How would you like us to hand off not-skilled users who are
potentially interested in learning more about Nautilus and getting
involved with the project. Do you have some point of contact for such
potential new members? Any standard advice you give to such new

We want Brainstorm to work well for you and *not* waste your time. If
you find any triage mistakes, please let me know so we can update our
policies! If you hear about misdirected volunteers, please let us know
about that, too.


Ian Weisser (Cheesehead)
Brainstorm Admin
#ubuntu-brainstorm on
ian korinthianviolins com

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