Re: Removing 'Backgrounds and Emblems'

Andre, if I hadn't read the original post, how could I have replied to it?  The 
post spoke about removing "Backgrounds and Emblems", which I took to mean the 
removal of the so-named command in the Edit menu.

It is clear from the discussion that has followed since, that emblems as a 
feature on the whole is being removed.  I find the idea shocking, particularly 
as there is no clear plan yet what if anything will replace it.  I wouldn't mind 
something like labels in Mac OS Finder, but I prefer emblems because of the 
icons in the corner of the file preview.  I use emblems as a rating system of 
photos, which I view at 400% in Icon View.  It works superbly and I will truly 
miss the feature when it's gone.  In fact, if it isn't replaced by something 
that woks as well, I won't be upgrading and will seriously consider switching 

Such is progress I guess...

Thank you!


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> > While on  the subject of emblems, please consider improving the
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> Please read the original posting  again.
> Thanks,
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