Re: Removing 'Backgrounds and Emblems'

While on the subject of emblems, please consider improving the interface of 
their application.  Currently, if I select a number of files and drag an emblem 
to them it only applies to a single file.  It should apply to the whole 
selection.  In addition, it would be faster if emblems were applied by one click 
on the emblem, rather than drag and drop.  Lastly, we should have (some) emblems 
in the main menu and in the contextual right-click menu for fast application.

Thank you for listening.


> Hi,
> with Nautilus 3.0 around the corner, I went ahead and  removed
> 'Backgrounds and Emblems' from nautilus.
> There are some  reasons for it:
> - the code is quite old and crufty, pulls in a lot of libeel  code and is
> basically unmaintained.
> - the feature, as it stands, is not  really useful, and it's more
> cosmetic than anything else, especially now that  we use browser mode by
> default.
> - we're trying to achieve a more  streamlined nautilus (see e.g. [1] and
> [2]), and removing legacy features  goes in the right direction.
> Note that this does not completely remove  the ability for extensions
> (e.g. Dropbox) to add emblems programmatically by  using the
> libnautilus-extension library, just the user-added emblems from  the
> properties dialog/emblems sidebar.
> Also, the 'Information' sidebar  is gone, for basically the same reasons.
> We will keep to investigate a  more powerful and up-to-date
> metadata/keyword integration for nautilus in the  future anyway.
> The branch I merged is split into atomic commits for every  removal, so
> it's relatively easy to backtrack changes if this caused  any
> regressions.
> [1]
> [2]
> Cheers,
> Cosimo
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