Removing 'Backgrounds and Emblems'


with Nautilus 3.0 around the corner, I went ahead and removed
'Backgrounds and Emblems' from nautilus.

There are some reasons for it:
- the code is quite old and crufty, pulls in a lot of libeel code and is
basically unmaintained.
- the feature, as it stands, is not really useful, and it's more
cosmetic than anything else, especially now that we use browser mode by
- we're trying to achieve a more streamlined nautilus (see e.g. [1] and
[2]), and removing legacy features goes in the right direction.

Note that this does not completely remove the ability for extensions
(e.g. Dropbox) to add emblems programmatically by using the
libnautilus-extension library, just the user-added emblems from the
properties dialog/emblems sidebar.

Also, the 'Information' sidebar is gone, for basically the same reasons.

We will keep to investigate a more powerful and up-to-date
metadata/keyword integration for nautilus in the future anyway.

The branch I merged is split into atomic commits for every removal, so
it's relatively easy to backtrack changes if this caused any




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