Re: Simplified Nautilus (with less chrome)

On Thu, 2010-01-21 at 10:57 +0100, Marcus Carlson wrote:
> As I've not seen the code yet I do believe that the toolbar editor will 
> have less "control" over the widgets now that the places widget is 
> outside of the normal toolbar and inside the file viewer instead, making 
> the simplifications by DanRabbit (and others) impossible without 
> touching the code. We could of course add a places widget to the toolbar 
> as well and have a setting to show the other places widget inside the 
> file viewer or not, but that isn't ideal.
> That's one thing I could find a bit negative about the splitview thing...

Yeah, this sort of comes automatically with supporting a split view
feature. (Since we need to show two location bars then)

I'm don't really think its a great idea to have the location on the
normal toolbar though. It really limits the length of the rest of the
location bar (or forces you to have a wide window) to get a reasonable
view of long filenames. (Or you could have a really really short
toolbar, but thats also limiting in other aspects.)

The simplified UIs shown excel in having a clean looking user interface
that "looks" simple. However, I question if they are really simple to
use. The lack of menus and (to a lesser extent) many of the toolbar
items means the are less discoverable and thus harder to use for a new

Its interesting to not that OSX doesn't have the path bar in the
toolbar, but they put the pathbar *below* the directory view:

Except the placement below the view, this is kinda simlar to the split
view nautilus UI, with a bunch of items removed from the toolbar and the
menu moved from the window to a global menu.

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