Re: Apport crash reports for Nautilus

Hi Sense,

Op zondag 07-02-2010 om 12:28 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Sense
> A reasonable part of the bugs reported with Ubuntu's bug reporter
> 'Apport' -- which is also used to fill OpenSuSE's crash database --
> are crashes. These kind of reports contain a Stacktrace,
> ThreadStacktrace, the .xsession-errors file and some more
> information[1]. Often those crashes are hard to reproduce, but the
> stacktraces could still provide useful information.
> Since I triage mostly Nautilus bugs, on Launchpad, I would like to ask
> you how you think about such reports. Is a mere stacktrace enough when
> forwarding the bug upstream? Or do you want more information? I
> wouldn't want to open dozens of unusable bugs on GNOME Bugzilla, but I
> also wouldn't want to leave crash bugs go by unnoticed.

You will find information on what the Gnome bugsquad expects from you
on . 

In general, only stack traces containing debug symbols are really

Cc'ing the bugsquad list as that is a better place to ask such questions
as these.


Reinout van Schouwen

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