Re: Detection of trash in trash folder

> This happens in the gvfs trash backend. It uses the gio abstraction for
> file notification, which can use for instance inotify or fam.

Thanks for the reply, Alexander. The versions that I'm using now
(distributed with RHEL4 and Centos5) I think are using gnomevfs, which
I'm assuming is the predecessor to gvfs.

Using the python gnomevfs library, I've verified that gnomevfs
monitoring of directories is working. I have a feeling that what's
broken is when the .Trash file is created that for some reason
monitoring is not being attached to it. I'll try poking around in the
gnomevfs/gvs code to find where this is.

I found some references in this archive to trash incompatibility with
ext3 and a patch to fix it. But, I never found this patch. On the
longshot that the ext3 trash incompability issue is the same issue
that I'm having with my driver, does anyone remember the nature of
this patch? The thread in question is


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