Dealing with the trash

Dealing with the trash in Nautilus has never really worked for me. It
displays neither the original path, nor the deletion date, and is
basically (unless one cleans up the trash regularly) just a black hole.
It will get a little more usable once bug 89706 [1] is fixed, but it
could be even better.

Some time ago, I've blogged about a small python script called
"TrashJournal" that offers a journaled view for the trash [2]. I found
myself using that on a regular basis for quite a while now. Having an
external script for that task is a little annoying, so I decided to
have a look at implementing this as a Nautilus view.

The trash journal view is basically a list view that has an integrated
side bar to filter the display based on deletion time of the files. The
user can display "all" files, or just the ones deleted "today", or
"yesterday", or a certain amount of days ago. If applicable, there's
also an "unknown" entry (if there is no deletion-date information), and
a "future" entry (if the deletion date is in the future).

I have some working code for that (see [3] for a screenshot), but before
I spend time cleaning up the patchset, I thought I'd ask what people
think of that. Would such a view be a useful addition to Nautilus?



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