Making dviews scriptable.


I don't know the proper Nautilus terminology so please bear with me.

When you do a search in Nautilus, a new view?/widow? pops up with all the
files that match.  What's the term for this new pseudo-directory?  For the
sake of this email I'll call it a dview.

Can dviews be made from scripts/extensions?  If so, how complex are they
to handle?

The reason I'm asking is I think that being able to easily read/write
dviews would greatly increase the power of Nautilus.

For example, you could write a script that uses some arbitrary rules to
select files and then show just the files you want in a window.

  find /huge_directory [rules] -print | dview -create

After that the user could use Nautilus to delete, rename or whatever.

Another thing you could do is restrict the files in an existing
directory/dview.  Assume you've opened up a directory with a 1000 files in
it.  It would be nice to winnow down the files to just what you want to
see.  A Nautilus script like this would get the job done.


  re=`zenity --entry --text="Enter Filer Regexp:" \
	      --width=300 --title="Nautilus Filter"`

  dview -read "$NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_CURRENT_URI" | grep $re | dview -create

Any opinions on whether or not this plausable?

- Dale

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