Re: Split/dual pane view again (but this time with code)

I've been cleaning up the history of the split-view branch, and basing
it on the official Nautilus git repository. I also took care of the
points that came up during this thread. I would now consider it

The code is available in the "split-view" branch at

The navigation window UI changes in brief:
 - View -> "Extra Pane" menu
 - Edit -> "{Copy,Move} to" menus, with submenus with other pane as
 - Go -> "Switch to other pane" menu item
 - Go -> "Go to the same location as other pane" menu item

There's a screenshot on my blog-post at

During split view, the active pane is visually distinguishable from the
inactive pane by a thin border in the theme's SELECTED color. The
inactive pane has greyed-out location bar buttons and a background in
the theme's INSENSITIVE color. Note that both, the background and the
location bar buttons are still clickable. A click makes that pane
active, and in case of the buttons performs the respective action.
Please try it out before hammering the HIG onto my forehead. It seems
very natural and intuitive to me, while staying nicely responsive.

I'd appreciate any comments / bug reports / success stories, also from
spatial-mode users (just to make sure no regressions sneaked
in, spatial-mode users shouldn't be affected by this change), before
officially requesting a review.


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