GThemedIcon: nautilus has problems with fallbacks

I've a problem in how a GThemedIcon is rendered in nautilus
Look at this piece of code:

GIcon* _g_local_file_info_get_folder_icon (const char* themed_icon_name)
  const char *names[] = { themed_icon_name, "folder", NULL };
  GIcon * icon = g_themed_icon_new_from_names (names, -1);
  return icon;

looking at the glib help
(also look at the example), I understood that creating an icon in that
way would give me a themed icon with 2 possibilities: the first
(passed to the function as an argument) will be used normally, but if
missing in a theme, "folder" would be used as a fallback.
In nautilus the folder icon is always displayed, so it is not used as
a fallback, but as the primary.

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