Patch to support "F" fallback of XDS DND

As I recently added XDS support to the application I am developing,
I needed a file manager that also supported XDS. It was a bit
surprising to discover that nautilus doesn't currently implement
the full XDS standard (
In particular, nautilus doesn't support the "F" fallback of XDS,
which allows the file manager to receive the data for the dropped
file via the X server and save the file. This is important to me,
because my application is run on a remote machine, and cannot save
files to the local machine. It depends on the "F" fallback to get
the file saved.

So I patched nautilus to fully support XDS and opened this bug
report with a full description. I have also attached the patch and
a test program. See

Since I use Debian, I first reported this to the Debian bug tracking
system. But the package maintainer suggested that it would be better
to discuss this directly with upstream. So that's what I'm doing.
I'd love to see this feature included in the upstream source. It would
certainly be useful to me, as well as to anyone else who uses XDS with
an app running on a remote machine.

Questions? Suggestions? Anything else I can do to help?

Thank you for your time,
James Dietrich

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