Re: GEmblemedIcons help

> I'm not quite sure that patch is a good idea as is.
> g_get_user_special_dir() can't handle the special directories changing
> during the runtime of the app, something which nautilus does (it tracks
> renames of directories, sees if these are "special" dirs and then
> changes the special dir. But with this patch nautilus would still show
> the special icon on the old directory.
> However, its kind of lame that we can't automatically get the right
> icons for apps other than nautilus though, so we should try to do
> something... Not quite sure what the best approach is though.

Since GLIB does not want to track xdg dir changes at runtime (I think
they did a wrong design, but they cannot break the behaviour now),
this patch is coherent with glib and there is no problem (also because
gio is part of glib, and has nothing to do with nautilus, it's
nautilus that depends on gio).

Then we can patch nautilus to show icons also when the xdg dirs change.

Anyway the fact that nautilus can change special dirs is somehow
tricky for other applications which depends on special dirs (which
will use glib and will see the old special dir), so maybe nautilus
should simply warn the user that he needs to restart the session,
whenever it detects a special dir change.

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