Re: Nautilus 2.26 - nautilus-actions extension not working anymore

Hi Bruce,

Thanks a lot for your support.

I never try to build nautilus 2.26 for now, it comes with ubuntu jaunty release with the related issue I have described before

Nautilus-action 1.41 build fine on gentoo, without the Makefile issue you have got and without any big deal in the ebuild (no patch or something), but with gnome 2.24 dependencies

By the way, your work creating nautilus extensions with python can be an usefull help for my purpose. If you can describe how you do that, exemples, howto... Considering that nautilus-action is not maintened anymore, finding a way to bypass it in my programs and have the same feature (creating item in the edit menu when selection match a specific pattern, and pass the selection as arguments for the script) will be a better way to do in the future. I have a very long way before being a python guru, but the thing appears more easy than C to understand


Bruce van der Kooij wrote:
Hi Razer,

I thought I'd look into this but regretfully I haven't managed to even build nautilus-actions yet. Read on for more information.

Razer wrote:
Unfortunaly, this extension don't work anymore with the new 2.26 version of nautilus.

As I'm still running Ubuntu 8.10 I had to first figure out how to build Nautilus trunk using JHBuild since the following dependencies could not be fulfilled:

Requested 'glib-2.0 >= 2.19.0' but version of GLib is 2.18.2
Requested 'gnome-desktop-2.0 >= 2.25.5' but version of gnome-desktop-2.0 is 2.24.1
Requested 'gtk+-2.0 >= 2.16.0' but version of GTK+ is 2.14.4

Took me a while but with a lot of help from the JHBuild maintainer Frederic Peters I managed to get it to build in about an hour (by that time I had already spent some 3 hours trying in vane). #nautilus locals Baptiste Mille-Mathias (crevette) and Paolo Borelli (pbor) also helped out.

I've updated the wiki to include the instructions for building Nautilus using JHBuild which should save other people the trouble of having to go through the entire process again. See:

A lot of people, using my programs and other scripts, are concerned about this issue. But Grumz is not active anymore, and nautilus-actions is not maintened at this time. I wonder it is here a small issue, easy to fix for someone who know C bindings and nautilus work.

I only have some experience with developing Nautilus extensions in Python and my C experience is incredibly limited but I thought I'd give this a shot anyways.

However, I can't manage to compile nautilus-actions from the repository because it seems the Makefile is somehow incorrect. The first error is:

$ make
Makefile:77: *** missing separator.  Stop.

Even though I could probably resolve this one by editing the Makefile itself that probably isn't a good idea since it seems this file is automatically generated from the files scattered around the directory. And even when manually editing the line it'll still complain about other incorrect lines (73 etc.).

I haven't been able to figure out why, so until somebody else helps out here this issue probably won't be resolved. I'm still willing to spend some time debugging this issue though once this little snag gets worked out.

Best regards,


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