Re: File's context menu in Nautilus

Am Samstag, den 29.11.2008, 15:23 +0300 schrieb Alexander M. Batishchev:
> Hello everybody!
> Can you please tip me, how can i rename item 'Make Link' to 'Create Link' in
> context menu of any file in Nautilus?
> In my opinion it sounds more correctly, but this suggestion very hardly
> would be accepted by gnome developers,

Why not?  I'm not a native speaker of English, but to me it seems that
"Make link" is ambiguous at best ("make this a link" vs. "make a link to

>  that's why i want rename it locally,
> but don't know where to start my search.

/usr/share/locale...  somewhere deep in the *.gmo files probably. That
is, if your locale is not C, in which case you probably can't change it.

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