Re: Modify the Places links

The file that stores the user directory paths is ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs . Just edit it with a text editor.
You can also check the locale in ~/.config/user-dirs.locale and then run from the teminal xdg-user-dirs-update --force .

However the second time the file should have been updated: you should file a bug (don't know if it's a gnome or an ubuntu bug).

Giacomo Bordiga

2008/11/6 Magnus Celander <os celander es>


I am using Ubuntu 8.10 and today i tried out to change the language for the desktop. I was using the spanish before and changed to Swedish. I was asked if i would like to update the foldernames for the home, desktop etc links. I answered yes. Shortly thereafter i decided finally to go for the english language. I was asked again if i wanted to update the foldernames. Afterwards i see that in the menu panel->places->Desktop its still pointing to the foldername in swedish. I have been looking around how to be able to edit this setting. Would be very greatful for any advices.

Thanks in advance


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