Re: work on multiview (i.e. tab) branch

Hi Jared,

Op dinsdag 27-05-2008 om 20:20 uur [tijdzone +1000], schreef Jared

> * New tabs in Nautilus are inserted after the current tab, while new
> tabs in Epiphany are appended to the end of the notebook

Epiphany can also expose that behaviour by enabling the Tab groups
Old versions of Epiphany did this by deafult. I think the default was
changed because many people didn't expect it, and gedit/gnome-terminal
did it differently.

What I'm saying is: don't add new tabs to the end of the notebook just
because Epiphany does it, but consider what the user would expect most
of the time.

> * Middle click on tab should close that tab
> Anything I've missed?

Epiphany doesn't support middle-click-tab-close because a) it's
completely unobvious and b) it's too easy to accidentally click when
actually you want to scroll between tabs with the mouse wheel.

Now that we're discussing this, I might as well seize the opportunity to
bring a few nasty old GTK+ tab notebook bugs that have been annoying
lots of Epiphany users to everyone's attention: 
[Tabs 'disappear' in core Gnome applications] 
[Tabs should slide over (sometimes) when adding a new tab]
[The arrows that appears when the tab bar is full is very tiny.]
[Make notebook arrows scroll the tab view]
[GtkNotebook lacks a tab names dropdown in the tab-bar]

More GTK notebook bugs and quite a few neglected patches here:

regards :-)

Reinout van Schouwen

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