Re: work on multiview (i.e. tab) branch


Referring againg to Christian's blog post [1], in terms of
'keybindings and mouse interaction patterns' that aren't yet
consistent with Epiphany, here is what I have currently identified:

* Middle click on any of the following UI elements should open a new tab:
    * Entry in "Go" or "Bookmarks" menu
    * Entry in "History", "Places", or "Tree" view in sidebar
    * "Back", "Forward", "Up", "Home" or "Computer" on toolbar
    * Entry in "Back" or "Forward" drop-down menu
    * Folder in main view (currently this is double-middle-click)
* New tabs in Nautilus are inserted after the current tab, while new
tabs in Epiphany are appended to the end of the notebook
* Right click on tab should give context menu: Move tab left, Move tab
right, Close
* Right click on folder, context menu should have keyboard accelerator
for opening in new tab (and window, for that matter)

Also the following behaviour that isn't consistent with Firefox (which
may be undesirable, I'm just listing these here for completeness):

* Alt-enter in location bar should open new tab
* Middle click on tab should close that tab

Anything I've missed?



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