Re: Speed-up Nautilus

On Sat, 01 Mar 2008 10:35:36 +0400, Piotr Zaryk <oponek gmail com> wrote:

OK. Here are the numbers. Using computer with 1,8GB CPU and 512 MB RAM: ~
1,5 second to enter the usr/share directory. On the same machine Thunar does it instantly. Realy, there is a huge difference. You should install Thunar and you will notice it for sure.

It basically depends on the number of files in the directory. You did not state the number. Also recall that the directory contents are stored in the disk cache buffers
after an initial run. So the folder can be read much faster any other time.

Just make sure you flush the disk cache between each test. Meaning if you first
use nautilus and then Thunar, Thunar *will* be much faster.

sooo, I've just installed Thunar 0.8.0 and opened /usr/bin (1500 files).
Thunar speed really did not convince me at all. Both nautilus 2.20.3 and
Thunar take about 15-20 seconds to display the 1500 files (no stop watch
at hand, but taking a sane guess).

If there would be a "huge difference" it would certainly be noticable to me,
even without a clock.


Christian Kirbach
Christian Kirbach googlemail com

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