Re: few things

Andre Klapper wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 25.01.2008, 13:00 -0800 schrieb Junior Junior:
>> 5. Some times when I right click, the first item in the menu is
>> selected automatically. A good example is when I try to right click on
>> terminal window to copy/paste. The result? Another instance of
>> terminal because the first item in the menu 'open terminal' was
>> selected. The system don't remember that the first right click was to
>> open the menu and it not wait for another click just take like another
>> one. It was a good idea if there was a possibility to cancel selection
>> in the menus with right click too, but this is not the solution - just
>> a good configuration option.
> i don't get this one.

I think I understand: In some apps, the right-click contextual menu
appears with its first item selected by default. If you release the
right button, the first item is chosen.

This seems contrary to the behavior in some - but not all - other Gnome
apps, where the contextual menu appears with no item selected. In those
apps, releasing the right mouse button leaves the menu open but doesn't
execute an option.

Even worse, if the menu is near the bottom of the screen, the *last*
item is selected, since the menu appears anchored to the lower-left
corner instead of the usual upper-left corner. And that doesn't always
seem to be automatically executed on mouse release (contrary to the
first item, which always seems to be executed).

So you're not ever sure what will happen if you click and release the
right button without moving the mouse: select item 1 + execute, select
item n + execute, select item n + no execute, no item selected + menu
remains, ...

Not sure what causes this inconsistency (GTK+, theme, user error [e.g.
me!]). But I agree, my personal preference would be that no contextual
menu item is ever selected by default (emphasis on personal preference).

In any case, doesn't seem to be Nautilus-specific. For usability list?

- John

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