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> 1. When I open a director with nautilus, if there exist incomplete
> video files that are still downloading with
> valknut...  /usr/bin/gnome-video-thumbnailer take so much CPU. It try
> continuously to make another image cause the file permanently grow up.
> Can be set by default to take a shot for the first time of files, and
> if there is such a file (changing permanently) to take another only if
> this file take no changes in the last 5-10 sec? This is only a
> suggestion.

feel free to file an enhancement report at, though it
is unlikely that somebody will work on it. patches welcome.

> 2. I have a KBS-26 keyboard
> ( and
> my 'delete' key is near the 'up' key. So, some times I hit it
> accidentally. Why there is no dialog box for confirmation?

because this is not windows, and because you can always go to the trash
bin and undelete it again. :-)

> 3. When I use nautilus with tree in left side, if I do a right click
> on a directory and select copy and go over another place and try
> paste, the paste command is disable. 

it is not available in the tree pane, but you can paste the copied
directory in the right pane. in general, the right pane is the place for
file actions, but we may disagree here. :)

> 4. When I navigate through a directory with 'list view' option and the
> content is taking all space... there is no empty space anymore for
> right click and do the stuff like 'new directory', 'new document' and
> so on.


> 5. Some times when I right click, the first item in the menu is
> selected automatically. A good example is when I try to right click on
> terminal window to copy/paste. The result? Another instance of
> terminal because the first item in the menu 'open terminal' was
> selected. The system don't remember that the first right click was to
> open the menu and it not wait for another click just take like another
> one. It was a good idea if there was a possibility to cancel selection
> in the menus with right click too, but this is not the solution - just
> a good configuration option.

i don't get this one.

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