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Title: RE: Packages
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>can you please refrain from sending html messages? thanks. :)

Sorry, my pop email client is very slowly. Because of this, I use the Exchange interface.  I am going to re-suffer the pop server tomorrow. Sorry for the inconveniences .  :-/ 

Am Mittwoch, den 20.02.2008, 07:56 +0100 schrieb PEDRO MACANAS VALVERDE:

> >then you should open a bug against Debian inside its BTS. as I said,
> nautilus already does what it's supposed to do. the rest is really up
> to
> the distribution and the package manager applications.
> You are right. Because I am newbie, can you help with the content ?.
> Which is the name of the Ubuntu tool when you double-click
> on a file without handler associated it proposes a package to
> install ?.

>if you use debian, why do you ask about ubuntu? :-)
just file a bug and guess. the triagers of the bug tracking system will
reassign it to the correct module.

Because one ask about the package to maintain (RFP) and I think to thumb to an Ubuntu package.

But I am goint

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