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Title: RE: Packages
De: Josselin Mouette [mailto:joss debian org]
Enviado el: lun 18/02/2008 22:58
CC: nautilus-list gnome org
Asunto: RE: Packages

On lun, 2008-02-18 at 13:35 +0100, PEDRO MACANAS VALVERDE wrote:
> >Please send Debian-specific requests to the BTS (
>> This can be also be applied to Fedora and other linux distros. What I
> suggest is include a default package installation for all default
> Linux distro.

>The correct way to handle this is a correct MIME handler for the MIME
types corresponding to the packages. There is no need for a change in
nautilus for that effect.

It would be followed in some way by Nautilus, establishing the DefaultPackage MIME parameter. The problem is when you open Gnome and click in a *.deb file .  There is not established a default program to manage the package.

The same can happen in Fedora.

This is paradoxical, when in Gnome the user can establish default optional services (i.e. for email, web and so on) and not the the default package system (i.e., *.deb in Debian).

>> Another problem: I cannot use Debian to send Debian RFP/BTS, because I
> cannot connect now to the Internet (only, at work).

>If you can write to this mailing list, you can send a bug to the BTS,
which is email-based.


But still there is a main problem: I cannot connect to the Internet to download the packages. So, if I have not got the packages, I cannot connect to the Internet. It is a circle. One talked about create a list of installed packages and packages to install in Debian (in my unconnected Debian computer) and using the web, download them (i.e. using Windows) a and install them in my Debian computer.

This is going to be great !!!.

>> Perhaps, we can use PackageIt ( ). So, using
> the same tool, one can install a package in Debian, Fedora and so on.

>I definitely intend to have a closer look at PackageKit. Unfortunately
the APT backend seems far from complete for now.

We can help to improve it ;) If you want, you can join the PackageKit email list.

>> I like Synaptic because one can use it in Debian (apt), Fedora
> (rpm)... This is the idea under PackageIt also.
> So, one of them could be connected (link) to Nautilus.

>Again, patches are welcome to get synaptic to accept .debs passed on the
command line.

:-( I am a newbie and I cannot do it, but I would like to. I think is an improvement for both, Synaptic and Gnome.


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