RE: Packages

Title: RE: Packages
De: Josselin Mouette [mailto:joss debian org]
Enviado el: mar 19/02/2008 12:37
CC: nautilus-list gnome org
Asunto: RE: Packages

Le mardi 19 février 2008 à 09:46 +0100, PEDRO MACANAS VALVERDE a écrit :

>As soon as there is a handler for the corresponding MIME type, nautilus
will follow.

What would happen if you have none default  handler for this ? ( I think in newbies that are the people that more use GUI).

If Nautilus / Gnome detects libapt as default it can propose dpkg  or gdeb as default.

>Just have a look at apt-zip, it does what you need.

But there is a BIG problem with apt-zip : it cannot use the web to download the packages and I have to install Cygwin, wget and so on in Windows.  A hell for a newbie. I would prefer a web solution that I can use in different operating systems and Unix/Linux distros.


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