Displaying file sizes in powers of 10, rather than 2

Currently, Nautilus displays file sizes in kibibytes, mebibytes, and
gibibytes (the dialog fields are mislabed, but that is another issue).
These units are difficult for users to work with, and often cause user
confusion over exactly how much capacity is required to store a file,
or how much a disk drive will provide. Users have gone to such length
as launching lawsuites against drive manufacturers because they
trusted the information from their computer over that from the drive's
packaging. This issue has been dealt with in various ways:
 *  KDE's Dolphin uses correctly-labelled kibibytes
 * OS X's Finder uses kilobytes
 * Nautilus and Windows Explorer use kibibytes, but mislabel them as kilobytes
  * Except our CD burner, which uses labelled kibibytes

In my opinion, both the OS X and KDE options are far superior to what
we use now. Using decimal sizes ala OS X lets users apply existing
expectations about the metric system to their computer. The KDE option
is less friendly, but at least users will be able to check which is
being used if it matters. Using "MB" for both is actively
user-hostile: the unintuitive power is used, but with no warning to
the user. A glib maintainer has rejected my proposal to properly label
the return value of g_format_size_for_display, which leaves changing
the behavior of Nautilus.

Could we please modify nautilus to display file sizes in decimal
units? I've got the patch prepared already, though have held off on
registering the bug after the response from the glib team.

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