Re: Option "copy to"...

Hi Luca,
your idea is really interesting but I think it would need a support from the DE.
You should propose it to the GNOME guys...

Luca Cappelletti ha scritto:
On 9/26/07, Gabriele Monti <psicus78 gmail com> wrote:
I was thinking that it would be useful to have a new item on the right
clik menu (I know it may look windows style, but if it is useful), maybe
"copy to" and/or "move to", and then a selector among any of the opened
nautilus windows (and maybe also the bookmarked places, why not?).

My 2c,

why not an item in the Menu of every apps with something like: Send to...
This methods show you a list of objects that could receive the source
objects to send.
An initial list could be all opened application, file selectors,  by
mail, via bluetooth.
Depend of the source and the receiver capability you can Send to...

I image a connection from gedit and gftp in this way:
you are editing an html file then go to File->Send to.. of gedit and a
list appear where you can find all gftp istances opened where to send
that file.
Now take the action clicking on File->Send to...->gftp1
The gftp window popup calling you something about connection already
handling your html file.
So you passed from gedit to gftp directly.

I find it useful,


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