Option "copy to"...

Today I was working on an html file continuously making changes at it and updating it to the server to check the effects of my updates. This was the situation: Several opened windows, but just consider the two windows I was using: gedit and nautilus with my ftp server connection. Gedit windows maximized , make some changes, then minimize gedit, open the ftp nautilus windows, grab the icon (suppose I saved my file on the desktop) and drop it to the ftp windows. Alternatively I could grab the icon, drag it to the windows selector on the panel (if any) wait for half a second for the ftp window to open and than drop it.

I was thinking that it would be useful to have a new item on the right clik menu (I know it may look windows style, but if it is useful), maybe "copy to" and/or "move to", and then a selector among any of the opened nautilus windows (and maybe also the bookmarked places, why not?).


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