Re: no thumbs' borders/shadows with the new 2.20.0

Canek Peláez Valdés ha scritto:
> On 9/20/07, Frittella Laurento <laurento frittella gmail com> wrote:
>> I noticed that with the new nautilus 2.20.0 the generated thumbnails
>> haven't any border or shadow. I already tryed to remove my ~./thumbnails
>> directory.
> I can confirm this in both x86 and amd64: I'm using Gentoo with the
> GNOME overlay ebuilds, and the only patch they use for nautilus is a
> little one to remove ESD; they don't touch anything in
> libnautilus-private.h (you can see the patch in [1]).

I found it's a known nautilus bug. Take a look here I'm using the attached
patch on my local overlay an it seems to work well ;)


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