Re: [patch] [bug 432510] samba filename encoding on none UTF-8 locales

On Wed, 2007-05-16 at 16:49 +0900, Takao Fujiwara - Tokyo S/W Center
> Thanks for the pointer. I was stucked in git on Solaris.
> Probably I don't understand the usage of gvfs.
> # gvfs-mount -m smb://foo

gvfs is a work in progress, don't expect to be able to use it
productively (or even work) atm. If you're interested in helping out,
what we want is feedback on the APIs.

> I'ld like to know if I can disable to use DBus.

No, but neither can you in gnome-vfs.

> I agree with most of your mentions. My point is that I want to fix this problem asap in GNOME SVN HEAD.

Well, I just don't think it fixes very much. But ok, it does allow some
people (the very few who knows about this feature and have a setup where
they need it) to set up things in a way that things work slightly

So, while I don't particulary like this solution its probably
acceptable, since it doesn't affect people not using it.

However, the patch looks a bit broken, it uses g_filename_display_name()
to convert the filename, and that only converts things if
G_BROKEN_FILENAMES (or the other env vars like G_FILENAME_ENCODING) is
set (instead of looking at G_BROKEN_FILENAMES_SMB.

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