Re: support truncated long file name?

Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> writes:

> Hi;
> On Sun, 2006-06-25 at 12:18 +0100, Leon wrote:
>> > Popup tooltips in the GTK tree/list widget are not possible in the current
>> > stable releases, however I think they will be part of the upcoming GTK
>> > 2.10.
> Unfortunately, no.  They didn't make in time for the 2.10 schedule.

Can we implement this without using tooltip? For example, we can have
the full file name displayed when the file is selected and truncated
otherwise. Most of the time, user can recognize the file by the
mimetype icon and the beginning few words of the file.

>>  I agree that it would be good to use ellipsis (...) for filenames
>> > that do not fit in their column, could you file a bug about this at
>> > so that the developers don't forget about it?
>> Funny story, this bug has been filed slightly more than 4 years
>> ago. Here is the link:
>> Can somebody raise the priority of the bug?
> The GTK developers are pretty well aware of the situation.
> Unfortunately, providing support for tooltips inside GtkTreeView is a
> tricky thing to do, and requires a major overhauling of the tooltips
> API.  This means introducing a major change in every application using
> tooltips, so we need to do things right.

Now I see it is fundamentally difficult to implement the tooptip

>>  As a DE values usability
>> and simplicity this much as gnome, it will be a shame to see this bug
>> hang around for another 4 year.
> Faster work implies giving a hand with code.  If you want, you can
> contact Kristian, which is working on this issue, and help him by
> writing some code yourself.
> Ciao,
>  Emmanuele.

Thanks Emmanuele. Unfortunately, I'm not trained in
programming. Implementing this without tooltip seems feasible.


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