support truncated long file name?

Dear all,

A missing feature in nautilus is truncated long file name.

Imagine opening a dir with a lot of long file names such as a dir
containing papers that have title as the file name, which a lot
academic workers will do. How messy and inconvenient that is!

Lately a colleague, a first-time gnome user, has asked for help to
configure his nautilus to show tidily a dir of books that he
collected. Unfortunately no one could give an answer. He has then
been persuaded to change to KDE.

As a gnome user for 4 years, I hate to see people leave gnome this way
and thus this post. In case you can't try konqueror or xp explorer,
here is the feature:

In konqueror or xp explorer, long file name will be truncated with
... to indicate the missing part. A popup will show the full file name
when mouse is over the item. (Konqueror has this feature for over 2

Files in the desktop are treated differently. Full file name is shown
for selected item. This feature is available in xp.

Apology for my English.

Thanks for your time.

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