Re: support truncated long file name?

Hi Leon,

On Sat, 24 Jun 2006 18:08:39 +0100, Leon wrote:

> Lately a colleague, a first-time gnome user, has asked for help to
> configure his nautilus to show tidily a dir of books that he collected.

How did the long filenames cause "untidiness" then? Was he using list view
or icon view?

> Unfortunately no one could give an answer. He has then been persuaded to
> change to KDE.

That sounds like a rigorous solution for a relatively insignificant
problem, but at least he is still using Free software :-).

> In konqueror or xp explorer, long file name will be truncated with ...
> to indicate the missing part. A popup will show the full file name when
> mouse is over the item. (Konqueror has this feature for over 2 years)

Popup tooltips in the GTK tree/list widget are not possible in the current
stable releases, however I think they will be part of the upcoming GTK
2.10. I agree that it would be good to use ellipsis (...) for filenames
that do not fit in their column, could you file a bug about this at so that the developers don't forget about it?


Reinout van Schouwen

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