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On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 15:11 +0200, Olaf Frączyk wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-06-19 at 11:31 +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> > I've attached some simple screenshots of the simple and the advanced
> > mode, showing a single file selected and a single folder selected.
> > 
> > Of course, I'm not sure things will look identical in the final version,
> > since we might change details when we get some feedback.
> Hi,
> Some thoughts:
> 1.
> permissions1.png:
> What is the "Execute" supposed to do?
> Does it set/remove "x" for user, or "user,group,other"?

It sets it for all.

> The "group" - shouldn't there be a button to open a window with a
> scrolled list to be able to choose a group? It would be much better in
> case of having a lot of groups.

Its possible we should have this if we detect that there are a lot of
groups, but I don't think its right in the normal case of few availible

> 2. 
> permission2.png vs permission4.png
> In the first you see: "create and delete files", "Access files".
> In the latter ordinary "read,write,execute". Isn't it confusing?

Well, you generally either use simple or advanced mode, and advanced
mode is targeted towards people who know unix permissions. I think such
people would prefer to get the "exact" permission bits as they are
traditionally shown.

> Additionally, what for to show File Access for directories with empty
> "---" fields? Why not to get rid of them?

--- means "keep as is", and is the same as the inconsistant checkbox in
the advanced mode. Its very useful for the apply recursively case. "---"
might not be the ideal string though, but i couldn't think of a good one
that works well.

> 3. I think that this is simply unnecessary. The right thing would be to
> have the same user interface for regular rights and for ACLs (what I
> hope will be supported soon).

I think any ACL interface will be vastly more complicated than the
current simple ui, and useful only for a small part of the userbase. 

> BTW. Changing description of rwx bits in case if it is file or folder
> will give problems with default ACLs, as they have different meaning if
> you create new directory or new file anyway :)
> 4. The solution could be two lists (TreeView) with 5 columns.
> First list for ACLs.
> Second for default ACLs in case it is directory.
> 1 Column - picture describing if it is a user or group (one head or
> two :).
> 2 Column - group/user name
> 3 Column - checkbox for "r"
> 4 Column - checkbox for "w"
> 5 Column - checkbox for "x"
> Additionally 2 buttons for each list (with disabled state if no ACLs)
> "Add" and "Remove" to add and remove ACL entries. Clicking on the button
> gives window with lists of users and groups to choose from.
> Below all of this three checkboxes for sticky,suid,sgid.
> Unfortunately, I have no time to make a mockup in glade, but I suppose
> that you can imagine what I mean :)

Surely you're not proposing this ui for the "simple" case? It might work
for an advanced mode though.

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