Re: New permissions page

On Mon, 2006-06-19 at 11:31 +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> I've attached some simple screenshots of the simple and the advanced
> mode, showing a single file selected and a single folder selected.
> Of course, I'm not sure things will look identical in the final version,
> since we might change details when we get some feedback.

Some thoughts:

What is the "Execute" supposed to do?
Does it set/remove "x" for user, or "user,group,other"?

The "group" - shouldn't there be a button to open a window with a
scrolled list to be able to choose a group? It would be much better in
case of having a lot of groups.


permission2.png vs permission4.png

In the first you see: "create and delete files", "Access files".
In the latter ordinary "read,write,execute". Isn't it confusing?

Additionally, what for to show File Access for directories with empty
"---" fields? Why not to get rid of them?

3. I think that this is simply unnecessary. The right thing would be to
have the same user interface for regular rights and for ACLs (what I
hope will be supported soon).

BTW. Changing description of rwx bits in case if it is file or folder
will give problems with default ACLs, as they have different meaning if
you create new directory or new file anyway :)

4. The solution could be two lists (TreeView) with 5 columns.
First list for ACLs.
Second for default ACLs in case it is directory.

1 Column - picture describing if it is a user or group (one head or
two :).
2 Column - group/user name
3 Column - checkbox for "r"
4 Column - checkbox for "w"
5 Column - checkbox for "x"

Additionally 2 buttons for each list (with disabled state if no ACLs)
"Add" and "Remove" to add and remove ACL entries. Clicking on the button
gives window with lists of users and groups to choose from.

Below all of this three checkboxes for sticky,suid,sgid.

Unfortunately, I have no time to make a mockup in glade, but I suppose
that you can imagine what I mean :)



Olaf Frączyk <olaf cbk poznan pl>

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