Re: Folder icons

Le vendredi 02 juin 2006 �0:49 +0100, James Pharaoh a �it :
> Hi,
> I like being able to give folders icons in Nautilus but the "metadata"
> method is not much use because it is difficult to copy with the folder
> if I don't use Nautilus to copy it.
> I'd like to be able to stick a file, say ".nautilus-folder-icon" in the
> directory to set a default icon, obviously this would be overridden by
> any metadata icon set. In fact, the name of the file could be set in
> gconf and this could turn the option on.
> I assume this wouldn't be too hard to do, I'd like to have a go myself
> but would appreciate a few hints from someone who knows where to look in
> the code.
> Thanks,
> James

Maybe adding emblems to the folder icons could achieve what you want.
Those emblems superimpose themselves over the folder icon,
you can have a folder with a yellow star superimposed,
another one with a rocket superimposed and so on.
I devised a small utility to be able to add such emblems to a 
directory icon (or a file icon) from the command line (or from a script)
See the chemb project on sourceforge


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