Re: Results of burning with Nautilus

Patrick 9 wrote:
Le samedi 15 avril 2006 �4:53 -0400, Benjamin Sher a �it :
Dear friends:

I succeeded burning my 3:45 minute (7.1 GB) DVD compressed (to 4.3 GB 
and copied and decrypted by K9copy. Two things:

1) While burning with Nautilus I was completely unable to do anything 
else. It took up all of my PCLINUXOS system and if I tried to use any 
other application, it would freeze Linux.

Nautilus-cd-burner takes maximum priority to be sure it will be able
to always fill the burner's buffer. There is some time when you can't do
anything else 
2) In the final result, two major VOB files were missing. This may have 
had more to do with K9Copy than with Nautilus. Just reporting the facts.

Thank you.

You're welcome



Dear Patrick:

In all due respect, K9Copy and K3b allow you to use other applications without any problem. One of the chief attractions of Linux is true multi-tasking, and if I am going to make copies of movies, I don't want to have to put everything else aside for an hour or two while the movie is copied, decrypted, compressed and burned. I want it to be all in the background unlike in Windows where you couldn't or shouldn't even try to do the same with Nero or any software while multi-tasking (since multi-tasking in Windows, as we know it, is just a joke). But I am glad to know that Nautilus CD/DVD Burning is available and there are times when I may wish to use it.

Thank you.


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