Development plans for 2.12

Both Dave Camp and I are gonna be very busy with other projects in the
near to medium term future. This means we'll not have time to work on
much new features for 2.12. 

Between Dave, Martin and me I think we'll be able to handle patch
reviewing of incoming patches fine. At times there might be some delay
before we get to your mails, since we're more likely to read nautilus
mail in chunks with some time between each time.

Given this it seems like the major focus of nautilus for 2.12 will be
bug fixing, optimization and minor UI refinements.

We will be branching for 2.11 sometime next week, to allow 2.10 to
settle down.

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                   alexl redhat com    alla lysator liu se 
He's a superhumanly strong arachnophobic dog-catcher trapped in a world he 
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