Re: replacing audio.png with audio.svg

On Mon, 2005-03-14 at 17:25 -0500, Corey Woodworth wrote:
> I have my desktop set to 1600x1200. Which is a pretty high resolution.
> I have my icons zoomed in to 200% by defualt in icon view. When I
> mouse over audio files to hear a preview and I see the audio.png file
> (the speech bubble with the blue note) it gets scaled up a LOT. The
> original is 26x24px. I have made an SVG replacement in inkscape that I
> would like to use so that when I mouse over audio files I don't see
> the nasty pixelation. Unfortunetly I don't know how or if it is even
> possible to replace audio.png with an audio.svg file.
> Can this be done?

It requires some code changes.

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