Re: patch for bug #165442 - Icons needed in the corner popup menu

Vincent Noel wrote:
The first item in the list is a problem : It should appear as
"opened", as it is the folder contained in the current window.

The same would apply to *any* folder in the current hierarchy that was currently open in some window.

But we
don't have any "opened home" or "opened root" icons... and I doubt we
ever will (I can't even imagine how to represent an opened hard drive

The only file managers I know of that did this were those for the Apple II GS and for Mac OS 1~9: they indicated whether any item (including a disk) was open by giving it a shading different from the shading used for selection.
A bit crusty by today's standards, and not as cute as a picture of an opened folder, but easier to see at a glance. (If you chose a classier version of that technique, you'd need to do it everywhere in Nautilus, not just in the hierarchy menu.)

However, the elephant in the room is the title bar, which already contains the icon for the current item. That's not shown as an open icon, so why should the one in the hierarchy menu be different?

Matthew Thomas

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