Re: improve trash, create a trash-api, use a xml log file

On Fri, 2005-07-08 at 12:14 +0200, sven bugzilla gmx de wrote:
> I saw some interesting ideas in bugzilla for the way a trash should work.
> * At the moment the icon shows that your trash is full, even if there is
> only 1kb file in the trash.
> * The Tooltip shows the number files that are inside your trash - that
> information is very useless. I'd like to know how much space it consumes and
> how much percent this means from the whole space.
> * Undelete is not possible, trash doesnt know where the file came from.
> * Another idea is automatic delete if space is needed for new files on the
> disk.
> There are a lot more ideas in bugzilla concerning the trash concept.
> My idea of getting started with improving trash - we need a logfile for the
> trash. It could be some kind of a trash api.
> I think of a xml based file that stores information about deleted files.
> That xml trash logfile could contain:
> - operation number $id
> - complete file name with path
> - permissions,size and all other information the filesystem has about the
> file at the point of beeing trashed
> - date of beeing trashed
> - restored to $place at $date
> My idea is that this file is part of a trash-api ,nautilus would implement
> it and/or provide it so other software can use it.
> It would be a plattform to make lots of nice things possible, starting with
> better undo/restore.

We should implement the new trash spec. This makes
thrash compatible with KDE, and makes some of these things possible.

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