Re: [PATCH] bug 145237: parent-folders button does not look like a button

On Wed, 2005-01-26 at 08:31 -0500, Luis Villa wrote:
> I prompted Mike to send it to nautilus-list and release-team. :) I
> personally think that:
> 1) it is a small change that oughtn't affect docs or screenshots

Actually, it does affect screenshots.  Figure 7-2 of the User Guide at
least, and probably more once I convince the documentation that spatial
isn't an afterthought.  It is a visually recognizable change that would
create a discrepancy between the screenshot and the actual UI.

Also, with the change, it's conceivable the wording might be different.
One might say something like "The name of the folder is display in a
button in the bottom left-hand corner" or some such.

We haven't taken any relevant screenshots yet (in part because I still
don't know if we'll get a NEW DEFAULT THEME), but this should still have
been announced to gnome-doc-list.  I might not have even noticed if I
hadn't decided to catch up on my nautilus-list reading.


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