Re: [PATCH] bug 145237: parent-folders button does not look like a button

On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 23:41 -0500, Michael Henson wrote:
> I had brought this up a while back, but no progress came of it. Seeing
> as there has not been any better solution would it be ok to get this
> added? It is such a small change, but I think it would really help
> people to identify that area actually having a purpose other than
> displaying the directory name. 
> If the icon is still deemed a waste of space I can remove it, but I do
> think it helps give a better indication that the button will allow you
> to open another folder than just the bevel alone.

I think this makes sense. However, we're now totally UI frozen, so such
a change would have to be accepted by the release team. I've cc:ed this
to the release team to hear their opinion. 

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