Re: nautilus SD-DNS support: what protocols?

On Mon, 2005-01-24 at 20:38 +0000, bryan cole wrote:
> > The network location is for displaying file shares. While nautilus can
> > browse files for ssh shares that is not the main reason one would expose a
> > ssh service type using dns-sd. Its similar to how we show a _webdav._tcp
> > service, but not a _http._tcp one. If someone would register _sftp._tcp we
> > could show that.
> I mean browsing for sftp file shares, rather than ssh login services, of
> course. I.e. the services nautilus itself supports.
> What sort of 'registration' is required? Is there some formal procedure
> for DNS-SD? I would have thought (nievely) nautilus need only add
> _sftp._tcp to it's list of browsable dns-sd protocols for this to work.

_sftp._tcp is not a registered service at:

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