Re: nautilus SD-DNS support: what protocols?

> The network location is for displaying file shares. While nautilus can
> browse files for ssh shares that is not the main reason one would expose a
> ssh service type using dns-sd. Its similar to how we show a _webdav._tcp
> service, but not a _http._tcp one. If someone would register _sftp._tcp we
> could show that.

I mean browsing for sftp file shares, rather than ssh login services, of
course. I.e. the services nautilus itself supports.

What sort of 'registration' is required? Is there some formal procedure
for DNS-SD? I would have thought (nievely) nautilus need only add
_sftp._tcp to it's list of browsable dns-sd protocols for this to work.

Actually, I'm really impressed by the simplicity and power of
dns-sd/zeroconf/howl; it'd be great if it was more widely deployed.


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