Re: nautilus SD-DNS support: what protocols?

> _sftp._tcp is not a registered service at:

Ah. I see.

_ssh._tcp is registered, but I take you point that nautilus is a
file-transfer client, not a login-shell. Since it is possible to run sshd
without sftp support, it's conceivable you might wish to advertise an
ssh service distinct from sftp.

Well, being impatient, I just went ahead and sent an email to register
this. There doesn't appear to be anything contentious here: the sftp
protocol is documented and published over at, it's port
number is predefined at IANA (being the same as ssh). The TXT records
would be the same as for ftp: u=<user>, p=<password, path=<path>.

I'm sure someone will slap me if I did bad ...


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