Re: nautilus does not start anymore after trying to connect to smb


Sorry that I write so many mails to this list! But my hope is that at
some point someone might be able to figure out what my problem is.

After some debugging I now found out that my nautilus does not start
anymore because this call does not return:

In the function: nautilus_self_check_directory the first call to

           (directory, &data_dummy,
            TRUE, TRUE, 0, NULL, NULL);

calls filemonitor_add
calls vfs_file_monitor_add
calls nautilus_directory_monitor_add_internal
                (directory, NULL,
                 callback, callback_data);

calls nautilus_monitor_directory (directory->details->uri);
calls monitor_add_internal (uri, TRUE);
calls path_is_on_readonly_volume
calls gnome_vfs_get_volume_monitor();

So the real bug seems to be that gnome_vfs_get_volume_monitor does not
return. Any ideas why??

Thanks, Fabian

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