Re: [(RE)ANNOUNCING] nautilus-open-terminal

Heinrich Rebehn wrote:
Luis Villa wrote:

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 08:40:17 +0100, Heinrich Rebehn
<rebehn ant uni-bremen de> wrote:

Ionut Cotoi wrote:

On Wed, February 23, 2005 11:22 pm, Sriram Ramkrishna said:

On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 11:04:54PM +0200, Ionut Cotoi wrote:

To make everybody happy I think you should consider adding a key to
gconf from where the "poweruser" can add Open Terminal back to the
Desktop context menu (like for nautilus  browser/spatial mode).

People are acting too emotionally here.  Again, nothing is being
taken away as I understand it is this:

* the part in nautilus that hardcodes the terminal in the context menu
will be removed.

* a new plugin for nautilus will put the terminal back on the context
menu or whatever as long as the plugin exists.  It just won't be in
nautilus proper.  Does this make sense?  So in a sense, it's become
optional, but for most of us distro users it'll be a simple rpm
or deb/emerge/whatever install.

So you're work flow will continue to be the same. Does this make sense?

Fine with me ;)


Mee too, if the functionality really stays the same

I hate to flame, but if you'd actually read the original post, or
actually used the code, the functionality isn't the same. It is
*better*, since it intelligently opens in the current directory and
not just in ~ like the old one did.

Please, refrain from posting if you don't have signal to add to the
discussion in the future- flaming Christian for doing the right thing
and doing it better just wasted a lot of people's time.

???? Whats's wrong now? I never flamed anybody. You seem to be misunderstanding.

I think Luis is referring to this comment:

> NO! Please don't remove yet another valuable feature from GNOME! I use
> "Open Terminal" from the desktop quite often and would not want to
> miss it! I dont think the feature hurts anyone.

In reference to Christian's announcement of a new, working extension that would replace a the hard-coded menu item.

Ergo, new users are encouraged to use Nautilus. Advanced users can install an optional package. No fiddling with GConf keys, no "power user" mode. Things will "just work".

English may or may not be your first language, but it seems to me that all-caps exclamations and multiple exclamation points would be pretty strong in any language. That response to a simple announcement has now spun into a thread (by my count) of 14 messages (including this one ;-) ).

If it hadn't been you, it may have been someone else; I'm not trying to blame a single person. The attitude, though, frankly stinks.

This is a potentially positive move forward. Immediately taking the position of resistance - and this goes for everyone - *without* even trying the code, does nothing to help move GNOME development forward.

I'm not designated list policeman, but as a GNOME user and someone interested in its development I have a vested interest in encouraging changes like the one Christian proposed.

And anyone reading this far, could you please have a more open mind about proposed patches? If you want to express an opinion, that's great. But for the sake of all users, please try to express an informed opinion.

- John

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