Re: [(RE)ANNOUNCING] nautilus-open-terminal

Be extremely careful if you remove or change functionality from/within
Gnome that might be central to some people's daily tasks, such as
administrating a computer. This is ***NOT*** (yelling, screaming, waving
arms and legs) something you simply move around when you feel for it. It
will turn into a flame war, much as spatial nautilus did.

I believe Christian is very well aware of this so this is just my
general rant to everyone else... :)

And yeah, I generally dislike the terminal as it is but I do use it a
lot. Still, it seems like what I do most of the time is to cut'n'paste
bits and pieces of command lines. Perhaps it could be possible make a
terminal which integrates into Nautilus and detects what is datafiles
and replacing those with files selected in Nautilus, if someone is
selected and reusing last selection if none is selected..


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